Arthur's Legacy

The DE HOORN microbrewery: tradition-based innovation with room for creativity

In 2014, the DE HOORN microbrewery in Steenhuffel was reinstated. This small village brewery now provides facilities for brewers to brew 1,000-litre batches. Upon reopening, four ingredient masters were appointed: they specialise in the use of herbs, hops, fruit and wood in beer, building upon their historical and scientific knowledge and insights and applying these to the brewery's product development process. The small-scale nature of the brewery allows the brewing team more room for creativity, so they can more easily develop limited edition prestige beers.

These craft brews are being dubbed ARTHUR’S LEGACY. The name ARTHUR’S LEGACY is a reference to Arthur Van Roy, the great uncle of the current family brewer and owner, Jan Toye. Arthur was a visionary: he was the one who obstinately continued to believe that high fermentation beers would be a success, and in the end he was right. Based on his ideas, the ingredient and brewing masters work on coming up with a certain number of limited brews each year. Their creativity, passion and entrepreneurship lead to new, exceptional and above all unique beers, each based on one particular discipline: hops, fruit, herbs or wood.


"White Widow" has an alcohol content of 7.1%. It has been brewed with 40% wheat, leaving this Arthur's Legacy not only turbid, but full-bodied in flavour with a subtle aftertaste. White Widow is primarily characterised by its pronounced fresh and fruity citrus character, resulting from a selection of fresh herbs.