A visit to the brewery

Visit to Palm & De Hoorn Brewery and Diepensteyn Stud Farm, including beer tasting

Beer experience at Palm & De Hoorn, Steenhuffel 

Steenhuffel's coppery Palm and golden Cornet make it paradise for beer lovers. At the Palm brewery and De Hoorn microbrewery, you'll see how bringing together water, barley, hops, spices, yeast, and even oak creates a surprising beer experience.

Half a millennium ago at De Hoorn, a village inn in the middle of Steenhuffel, the foundations of the Palm brewery were laid. After the 1958 World Fair in Brussels, it expanded and became a gem among Belgian breweries. For decades, the brewery was renowned for its copper-coloured Spéciale Palm. Collaboration and some creative brewmasters developed a diversified range which includes the subtly spiced Brugge Tripel and Steenbrugge abbey beers.

Visit Palm and be introduced to a world in which passion and expertise come together to create liquid copper and gold. Not only will you sample these beers, but you'll also learn how introducing hops and different fermentation techniques created Belgian brewing culture. Discover the herbs that went into gruit blends in the middle ages, which we use to this day to brew our exclusive Arthur's Legacy beers in the adjacent De Hoorn microbrewery. Those small copper kettles are what brewmasters used to experiment in, using chips of oak to flavour Cornet.

In our ninety-minute tour of the brew kettles full of simmering wort, fermentation tanks of bubbling beer, past rattling machinery and conveyor belts taking beer to bottles and kegs, you'll learn just how fascinating beer can be. Your visit to the brewery will be combined with a visit to the Diepensteyn stud farm, the home of Belgian draught horses. Don't miss our S-HOP at the end of your tour. Here, you can find not only our range of beers, but also gift packages and gadgets

You can visit the brewery in group (min 25 p – max 45 p)  or individually in 3 different languages on specific days.

Book a lunch or dinner before or after your group visit.