The history of PALM Breweries goes back to 1525.  The farmyard that would later be called 'De Hoorn' was originally documented in the early history of Steenhuffel. In 1380 it was the property of Peter Vander Smessen. In the book of excises of the Duke of Brabant, the property is described as a house with a courtyard located by the churchyard. Old documents from around the year 1525 mention the name 'De Hoorn'. At this time, the property was an inn run by Joos De Lichte.

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DE GOUDEN BOOM is situated in the historic centre of the city of Bruges, where Jan Hugheins was brewing beer as early as 1455. For generations the business alternated between a brewery and a distillery. In 1872, Jules Vanneste bought the building which, at that time, still housed the ‘t Hamerken distillery.

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