Passion for Belgian thoroughbred beers.

As a group of artisan Belgian family brewers, PALM Belgian Craft Beers builds up a lasting relationship with consumers looking for the unique taste and brand experience of authentic thoroughbred beers, brewed with passion at historic breweries specialising in one of the four traditional fermentation methods.


  • Authenticity

    With a great passion for genuineness and tradition, we build on authentic beers, which have a unique historical basis in terms of the recipe and brewing process, with particular respect for the brewer's craft in product and process development.

  • Independence

    The family shareholder is responsible for and has control over the character and future of the brewery.

  • Excellence

    We strive for excellence through our belief in the power of positive thinking, by encouraging each member of staff to be the best in their field, through cooperation within and between departments and through constant improvement.

  • Respect

    Each of us acts with integrity and transparency and is encouraged towards optimal self-development.