Our thoroughbred beers at receptions

Delicious food and drink are at the heart of any successful reception. Beer is increasingly taking the place of the traditional wine and Champagne. After all, beer is more thirst-quenching and refreshing than wine, and it has moderate alcohol content. Pilsner is always a safe choice, but in order to be refreshingly original, a selection of specialist beers is an excellent idea. PALM Belgian Craft Brewers’ thoroughbred beers give your reception a special Belgian aura.

Serving beer at receptions is not only innovative; it also looks great, certainly if it is served elegantly. Elegance, astounding originality and quality are the message; they need to be reflected in the glass, the way the beer served and the selection of beers..

  • At receptions, glasses are often held in the hand, so a stemmed glass is recommended. This avoids warming of the beer.
  • Refills are part of the ritual, so small capacity (18 cl to the line) glasses are ideal.
  • The head on the beer preserves its freshness and appeal down to the last drop. A good beer glass tapers toward the bottom. This helps to maintain the height of the head.
  • The glass should not warm the beer as it is being filled, which is why the sides of the glass should be thin.
  • A glass should also exude elegance.

The design of the PALM Belgian Craft Brewers Master Beers glass embodies all of the above, unashamedly providing an appealing vessel for beer, both with fine cuisine and at receptions.

Serving our thoroughbred beers

Fill the first glasses in advance. Circulate with them on a serving tray, enabling guests to be served rapidly.

For refills, circulate amongst the guests with 75 cl bottles or with glass carafes filled with draught beer from the tap. The trick is to avoid generating any foam while drawing the beer and to keep carbon dioxide saturation at the right level. This is why you should use pre-chilled carafes and hold them at an angle while tapping.

It is always warm at receptions, so refreshment is at the top of the agenda. It is therefore advisable to serve all beers chilled and to refill frequently in small quantities.

In order to keep the 75 cl bottles and/or carafes chilled, it is advisable to keep ice buckets on the refreshment bar or serving table. This also gives the beer a special and elegant position in the overall scheme of the event.

Pouring and serving 75 cl bottles

Place the bottle on the table in an ice bucket. Then present the bottle to the customers.

Remove the tear strip, grasp the cork firmly between your fingers and turn cautiously, holding the bottom of the bottle.

Uncork the bottle. Always hold the bottle at an angle, with your thumb in the punt. Note that with some bottles which are stored flat, such as some “old geuzes”, yeast sediment can form in the bottle neck and along the whole length of the bottle. In this case, always hold the bottle at an angle and pour the first dollop next to the glass.

Rest the glass upright on the table and slowly pour the beer, without any gushing or glugging.