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Brewery De Hoorn was reinstalled on the brewery site of Brewery Palm in 2014.

Cornet Arrangement, including guided beer tasting and cheese & charcuterie board. Private tasting groups / only for groups of 10 - 15 people

The Steenhuffel village brewery owes its reputation to the 500-year-old De Hoorn inn. Only a few, very rare documents from the brewery's early days still survive. De Hoorn beer was very popular at Diepensteyn Castle, too. A receipt from 1710 shows that steward Theodoor Cornet delivered a barrel of 'good beer' that year. In 2014, the 300-year-old village brewery was returned to its former glory. The first beer born there was the Cornet, named after Theodoor Cornet, steward of Diepensteyn Castle. Brewers drew inspiration from the exclusive beers stored in oak casks in the cellars of Diepensteyn Castle. Our wood master adds oak chips while brewing takes place. At De Hoorn Brewery, our brewers experiment with herbs, hops, fruit, and wood. The earliest brewing plants had a capacity of around 1,000 litres, and we brew beers in this volume under the name Arthur's Legacy. We'll welcome you to our inviting tasting room 'De Hoorn", and take you on a tour of the brewing and fermentation room. We'll then enjoy a guided tasting, along with an assortment of cheese and charcuterie.

Don't miss our S-HOP at the end of your tour. Here, you can find not only our range of beers, but also gift packages and gadgets. Book a lunch or dinner before or after your group visit.

Attention ! Every visitor must be in possession of a Covid Safe Ticket and identity card.