The Palm Belgian Craft Brewers brewery group has a joint production capacity of one million hectolitres and sales of € 53 million. The brewery holds a unique position in the beer landscape with its Belgian specialty beers of high and mixed fermentation. It is an original brewer of high-fermentation beers under the brand name Palm (Palm, Dobbel Palm, Palm Hop Select, Palm Royale, Palm N.A) and is clearly the market leader in the Benelux countries in the amber beers segment. Stemming from its passion for the Belgian beer patrimony, it acquired the Rodenbach brewery in 1998, known for its “Flemish Red-Brown” beers of mixed fermentation (Rodenbach, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Rodenbach Vintage, Rodenbach Caractère Rouge and Rodenbach Rosso) and its unique foeder rooms, where the beers mature in oak barrels for two years.

The acquisition of the De Gouden Boom brewery in Bruges in 2001 expanded the range of high-fermentation beers to the connoisseur beers segment with Brugge Tripel and the Steenbrugge abbey beers (Wit/Blanche - Dubbel Bruin – Blond - Abdijbock and Tripel).

Rooted in the passion for further innovation, the De Hoorn brewery was reinstalled in 2014 and four ingredient masters were hired. These masters specialise in using herbs, hops, fruit and wood in beer and they expand their historical and scientific knowledge and insight, applying these to the breweries’ product development. The Cornet and Arthur’s Legacy beers were launched from the De Hoorn brewery in 2014.

In the past, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers focused its export fully on the Netherlands, where Palm, together with the Palm sub-brands, is the most frequently sold specialty beer. Exporting outside of the Benelux countries is the new growth direction. The rich portfolio of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers, based on unique Belgian tradition, innovation and know-how, is the trump card for further growth in all markets.

The mission of Palm Belgian Craft Brewers: A passion for Belgian Thoroughbred Beers
As a Belgian family-owned, artisanal brewery, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers builds on a durable relationship with consumers who are looking for a unique taste and brand experience with Authentic Thoroughbred Beers, brewed with passion in historic brewery sites.

On 8 November 2007, the ‘Institute for the Family-Owned Business’ (‘Instituut voor het Familiebedrijf’) named the brewery ‘the best professionally managed family-owned business of 2007’, and on 12 October 2011 the brewery received the ‘Award for Sustainable Business Practices’ (‘Award voor Duurzaam Ondernemen’) on the basis of the Trends Business Tour 2011.


On 8 November 2007, the brewery received an award from the "Institute for Family Businesses" for "Best Professionally-Run Family Firm 2007" and on 12 October 2011 received the "Award for Sustainable Business" at the Trends Business Tour 2011.


Jan Toye - Chairman
Jan-Renier Swinkels - Director
Frank Swinkels - Director


Jan Vandenwyngaerden - CEO
Olivier Laméris - Commercial Manager for BeLux and the Netherlands
Carl Toremans - Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Lestiboudois - Director Production and Logistics
Ben Clockaerts - Director Export
Kristof Ampe - Director Marketing