Dobbel PALM

Master brewer Alfred Van Roy launched Dobbel PALM in 1947 as a beer for the festive season in order to celebrate the brewery’s bicentenary. He offered it at no extra cost, as a token of appreciation to all his loyal customers. The beer was so successful that he turned it into an annual tradition.

Dobbel PALM is a top-fermentation amber beer with an even more pronounced malty and hoppy character than PALM. With an alcohol content of 5.7%, Dobbel PALM is the ideal connoisseurs’ beer for the festive season.

Characteristic features

Top fermentation – Amber-coloured – Spéciale Belge Ale
Recognised local product – 5.7% ABV

PALM amber-coloured malts

Unique amber-coloured malts determine the basic flavour of Dobbel PALM: mild caramel flavours with a honey-like mellowness. The malting process adheres to PALM’s specific instructions, which are aimed at a natural brown colouring that gives the beer its specific flavour.

PALM yeast

The aroma is determined to a significant extent by yeast. Through intensive selection, the Van Roy family has amassed a lavish collection of the various yeast strains, each of which gives the beer its own fruity character. Dobbel PALM is fermented with a specific yeast strain which provides a distinct banana fruitiness.

The PALM “balloon” glass

The glass exudes roundness and conviviality, perfectly matching the mellow flavour and that unique PALM drinking moment.

Brand identity

Brand values:
Genuineness – Authenticity – Amber – Candour – Conviviality

Affordable specialist beer – Made for socialising
To be drunk with your loved ones and friends (kindred spirits)


  • 20 l Keg
  • 25 cl Bottle
  • 1.5 l Bottle